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Loose Diamond Colour Chart

For ages, diamond jewellery was meant for the elite and affluent because of its exorbitant cost that is directly proportional to its rarity. But recent years have witnessed a positive change within the expensive jewelry selling and buying pattern. read more...

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Things to Know Before Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

You may have heard through television advertisements or through reading the newspaper how the cost of gold reaches an all-time high. Selling your scrap gold jewelry today is definitely a smart financial move, as you can command an extremely higher read more...

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Newly Engaged? Where to Start Your Wedding Planning?

Choosing the right music on your wedding
Your wedding is something you'll never forget and you will be a major highlight of your life. There are a lot of factors you should think about while you are planning the wedding. One of the main factor read more...

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Diamond Engagement Rings - The Loveliest Diamond Gift of All

Just like your automobile wants a little servicing every now and then, your gold sets require a bout of maintenance too. This inturn helps keep the lustrous appeal so long as a few lifetime's worth. The gold jewelry you have today is going to be a read more...

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Make Social Media Sparkle for Your Jewelry Store

Moissanite is definitely a rare and special gem. It has fire and sparkling luster that not one other gem, even a diamond can offer. Moissanite sparkles inside the light unlike every other gem in the world.

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How to Find the Best Offers for Diamond Jewellery

Gold jewellery can be found in many colors including yellow, white and so on. antique engagement rings Some may just like the royal yellow color while others may like the el read more...